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Commercial Window Tinting Information

Tinted windows shade your interiors evenly, still allowing in natural light, but blocking the harshest glares. Nobody needs the distraction of bright headlights, or computer screens bouncing sunlight into peoples’ eyes, and it can certainly be disruptive to productivity.

Whether tinted or not, decorative window film deflects all but one percent of harmful UV rays. Even without direct glare, constant exposure to UV rays can diminish a person’s eyesight over time. Even without sunburn, they can also accelerate the aging process in skin. In other words, you can bet every long term employee will greatly appreciate commercial window film as time goes by! 

Commercial window film can be an effective blocker of heat as well as light, significantly reducing a room’s ambient temperature. If you don’t have climate control, that’s a huge plus. If you do have central air, the energy savings really start to stack up. Of course, this makes window film in castle rock especially prudent when summer comes early and sticks around. Either way, that’s why we can factually say it helps to make a cooler first impression on guests.

Carpets and furniture suffer prolonged exposure to sunlight, just like people do. Discoloration of fabrics and other surfaces look at best unsuccessful, or worse, unprofessional. Business window film extends the lifespan of any interior assets that are vulnerable to damage from the sun’s rays.

There’s even a safety advantage to installing window film. In San Diego, the threat of earthquakes is a constant presence, such that it’s natural to be concerned about what would happen to large windows during a strong quake. Luckily, decorative window film for the most part remains intact when the glass it’s covering gets shattered. So instead of flying glass shards, the film contains the broken pieces into manageable pieces. 

One last fact about commercial window film? It increases privacy. It sounds obvious to say that tinted windows prevent the outside world from seeing every little thing you do, but from an image standpoint, it’s of great value to be in control of what is or isn’t visible during down times, or challenging times, or even just plain busy times. Darkening those windows, with a reflective tint or otherwise, preserves your image at all times.

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